Las Vegas Family Business Lawyer™ Reviews

Some of the rave reviews …

“Greg did an outstanding job at trial in my courtroom recently in a very demanding and legally innovative way. He is a consummate professional and legal strategist who fought for his client against great odds.”

Judge Peter J. Corrigan

“Greg Gordillo is an extremely talented and dedicated attorney. He is passionate about what he does, and he maintains the highest ethical standards at all times. Anyone would be lucky to have him represent them. He was a tireless fighter on my behalf, and I think he is an outstanding person, both personally and professionally. This is one fine man.”

Client Deb Olbrys

“I worked with Greg for just under 3 years on a case against my previous employer. During that process I found him to be honest, personable, reliable, caring and a straight shooter who gave sound advice.”

Client Jim Whiteman

“Greg Gordillo is an outstanding, highly credentialed attorney who I have had the pleasure to work with regarding a legal matter. Greg is highly skilled in both written and verbal advocacy and has a detailed knowledge of Ohio case law, civil procedure and the rules of evidence; and is extremely professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Greg.”

Client and attorney Andrew Spriegel

“Greg is a very knowledgeable and strategic lawyer. He understands the law and how to try work up and try a case effectively.”

Attorney Jeff Dunlap, Co-Chair, Business Litigation Group, Ulmer & Berne

“Greg is, without a doubt, one of the most intelligent — and intellectual — people I have ever met. In addition to his “book smarts” (anyone would be hard-pressed to find a lawyer as knowledgeable of black-letter law), he also has the “street smarts” necessary to be an effective and savvy lawyer. Greg is a hard-working and dedicated professional from whom I have learned a great deal. I do not hesitate in recommending Greg and his law firm.”

Attorney Christina Royer

“I’ve found him to be an exceptional lawyer given his ability to analyze and assess cases, strategize and articulate his clients’ positions.”

Attorney Yelena Boxer, Vice-Chair, Litigation Practice Group, Benesch Friedlander