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Video – Naming Life Insurance Beneficiaries: Three Big Mistakes

Naming life insurance beneficiaries might seem simple, but if you’re not careful, you can create major problems for the loved ones you’re trying to benefit.

The Basics of Disability Insurance and How It Can Help During COVID

With the risks still posed by COVID-19, we all need to face the possibility that we could get sick, even if we take great care of ourselves through good nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

Video – Estate Planning Vacation Tips: How a Lawyer Thinks About What You Should Do

These estate planning vacation tips from an estate planning lawyer will teach you how to plan a trip with additional peace of mind.

What you need to know about the Family Medical Leave Act 
(FMLA) and the Pandemic

COVID 19 has complicated most things that have to do with business, and that includes the rules about granting sick leave to employees.

3 Unique Ways to Handle the Guilt Inherent to Being a Parent

If you’re a parent, you may feel even more guilty than usual. If so, you are definitely not alone.

Video - Family Business Succession Planning Tips for small business owners

These tips for your family business succession plan are essential for any startup, struggling, surviving, or thriving small business or sole proprietorship.

Video - When to Issue 1099s: How small business owners get it right.

Are you part of the gig economy, using independent contractors on your small business? You need to know when and how to issue 1099s.

Video - Scaling Your Staffing Firm: Scalability makes a staffing firm valuable

Scaling up your staffing firm is how to make it most profitable. The systems thinking entrepreneurs need to do for it has 4 keys. They're here.

An Exit Strategy Enhances Your Business (and Legacy) Building

There is a lot to take into account when considering a business exit, not just when it comes to your money, but when it comes to your personal legacy as well.

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